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Umpires Basics

Key Points:

Hand signals with explanations.

Basic Rules.

Motivation – How bad do you want it?

One player who is striving to be the best, One player who is just doing everything she can to get back to her normal state.

How bad do you want it?

Leading for Attack

Key points:

Angle of the movement

Position of your body

Leading to recieve

Leading to make a space for another player to receive a ball


10 Skills to Master



Important skills covered:                                                                                             Hit, First Touch, Tomahawk/Reverse, Leading, Passing, Flat Stick Tackle, Jab/Poke, V Drag, 3D Skills, Deception

“I am often asked which field hockey skills that players should focus on but like most questions, there is never an easy answer. It really depends on a number of factors such as your current level, your position, your strengths, weaknesses, etc.

However, I decided to come up with a list of the top 10 field hockey skills that I think are most useful for the majority of modern day field hockey players. 

The order in which you develop these skills will depend on various factors, but I encourage you to choose just 1-2 at a time so that you start to notice an improvement.”                                    – Lauren Penny

Take Action

1. Start by rating your current ability for each of these skills out of 10.

2.Then spend some time working on both the lowest rated one and also the highest rated skill with the focus on improving consistency. It’s important that you maximise your strength’s too.

Competition win with Jetts Fitness

Jetts NZ gave away three New Balance Hockey stick sets. Alfriston Hockey Club were one of three lucky winners.

We received 10 senior sticks one of which is a goalie stick.

To win we had to be nominated with a short paragraph explaining why we were deserving. Thank you to all those people who nominated Alfriston Hockey Club Inc. We will use these to continue to promote our club.

“Chur chur” – Caleb Wood

Hockey Skill Up – Jink Steal

Club Day

“Play with Passion”   Good luck for your games this week teams.

This Sunday 24 July 2016 is our club day.

Games are 11am for Eagles vs Lady Hawks

Game for Arrows vs Waiau Pa Pandas at 1:30pm

Lunch is at 1pm. Cost is $5 per person

Come play, support and have lunch together.


Beginners skill guide to Field Hockey

Top Hockey Skills

Check out this site for some interesting pointers on the basics of Hockey.

Discussing the following skills:
Push Passes, Hitting,  Trapping,  Dribbling, Shooting,  Defense,

Goal-keeping and more.

Check it out if you are wanting to refresh yourself and or interested in coaching

Hockey Goal-shooting

Important points covered

  • Body position
  • Player elimination
  • Footwork
  • Aim for the opposite post
  • Ball control
  • Quick execution
  • Shoot from the top (don’t hold onto the ball to long)

Play with Passion